Little Rock Scripture Study

Little Rock Scripture Study is a diocesan-supported program that originated in Little Rock, Arkansas, and has been offered in our parish since 2003. Its purpose is to lead people to a greater understanding and appreciation of Scripture.  Through prayer, personal study, weekly small-group discussion, and video lectures, we develop the connection between faith and daily life.

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of Vatican II, Little Rock Scripture Study sponsered a four-week series of discussions on Dei Verbum, one of the foundational documents of the Council. During the month of January, small discussion groups learned how this important document helped to move the Bible into the heart of parish faith formation and how it continues to be a major influence in the Church to this day.

Act of the Apostles was chosen for study during Lent, and sessions will continue beyond Easter for a total of 10 weeks. We are studying a revised edition of Acts of the Apostles which was the very first Little Rock study our parish undertook in 2003. 

New participants are always welcome. Check the bulletin for any updates.

For further information, contact Jayne Nicki at 453-9899 or

Tuesday Morning Dei Verbum Study Group

Left to Right:  Marilyn Rowan, Carole Dilworth, Maura Keenan, Sylvia Herron, Peggy Richards, Pat Daley    

Left to Right:    Tim Dilworth, Natali Caswell, John Denning, Pauline Arnold, Jayne Nicki, Pat Belier, Mary LeBlanc

Absent:            Joe Cyr, Irene and Barry Lydon, Carol Wesley-Bellefleur

Thursday Evening Dei Verbum Study Group

Left to Right:  Jayne Nicki, Nadine Lamoureux, David LeBlanc, Beverly Woznow, Carmelita Thompson O'Neill, Susan Marshall, Clair Leach, Anne Macies,   Maria Storoszczuk - Reid      

Absent:           Mary Ryan

Tuesday Morning Acts of the Apostles Study Group

L to R Seated:    Julia Yoon, Maura Keenan, Noreen Vaillancourt, Carol Wesley-Bellefleur, Natali Caswell, Joe Cyr, John Denning, Tim Dilworth

L to R Standing: Jayne Nicki, Christina Hwang, Pat Daley, Mary LeBlanc, Sylvia Herron, Yhustina Kim, Pat Belier, Pauline Arnold, Susan Butterfield,

                           Mary McMahon, Nancy MacAfee, Gertrude Corbett, Peggy Richards, Carol Monterio, Marilyn Rowan

Absent:              Marg Denning, Penny Hutley-Dobson, Gerry Keenan, Carole Dilworth, Connie Levesque 

Irish Tunes

Joe Cyr, playing Irish Tunes, on his viola during Saint Patrick's Day social time.

Thursday Evening Acts of the Apostles Study Group

L ot R: Nadine Lamoureux, Beverly Woznow, David LeBlanc, Carole Dilworth, Carmelita Thompson O'Neill, Jayne Nicki, Carl McLeod, Colleen MacDonald

Absent: Claire Leach, Mary Ryan, Eva Maria Ledger

2014 Little Rock Christmas Celebration