Outreach Ministries


Pastoral Visitation Committee

Members - Jayne Nicki, Susan Marshall, Glenda Barrington, Charles Rowan, Tim Dilworth (Chair, 458-5571, dilw@nb.aibn.com)

Mission Statement

  1.   Distribute Holy Communion to parishioners who are unable to attend Mass who live in their homes and in institutions such as seniors complexes, senior special care homes etc, This part of the Committee's ministry provides the housebound and institutionalized persons a sense of belonging to the Parish by providing continuity with the Mass.

  2.   Provide transportation to parishioners who do not have any means of transportation to attend Mass on a weekly basis.

  3.   Provide visits for people unable to attend Mass who don't want Holy Communion.         


Do You Require Communion as a Housebound Person or Do You Know of Someone Housebound That Requires Communion?

The Committee needs to know of any St. Dunstan's parishioner who is unable to attend Mass that requires Communion and / or Visitation. Brochures are available at the Church entrances and in the Centre that can be used to provide information about these persons. Please use the brochure to leave a request at the office.  It is not possible for the Committee to respond to housebound persons if we do not know about them. It is important to get permission from the person before making contact with us. We want to avoid possible awkward situations which may arise when people don't know their names have been put forward and the Committee contacts them. The Chair of the Committee can also be contacted directly.

Need Transportation to Mass

The Committee supplies taxi vouchers for the use of parishioners who do not have transportation to attend Mass. The vouchers can only be used within the city limits of Fredericton and can only be obtained from the Committee Chair, If you or someone you know does not have transportation to attend Mass and does not have access to this website, please pass this information on to them. Brochures are available  at the entrances of the Church and in the Centre which can be used to provide details. For further information and/or for obtaining vouchers, please contact Tim Dilworth, Chair of the Committee at 458-5571(e-mail dilw@nb.aibn.com).