Baptism Preparations


Baptism is the sign for Sacrament of Welcome into the Catholic community. It is the first of three essential Sacraments of Initiation: Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist.

Baptism requires a learning process by the parent(s) who are the first educators of their children in the ways of the faith. Baptism is a lifelong process, not an instant transformation. We prepare for the celebration with new clothes, water to help us grow, a candle to light the way, oil for strength and companions for the journey.

Parents are encouraged to contact the St. Dunstan's Parish office(444-6001) in advance to receive an information handout about Baptism.  The St. Dunstan's Catholic Formation Office (in the Monsignor Boyd Family Centre) has resource videos and other information on Baptism. Single parents, babies and Godparents are all welcome! (Bring a close friend or relative if you prefer). A date and time for the Baptism are through the parish priest.  by calling the parish office (444-6001).